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Antennas for wireless kits and modules

We have two types of antennas for use with our wireless kits and RF modules. Although our kits and modules can be used with an antenna made of almost any piece of wire of appropriate length for the frequency, one of these optional antennas may be better suited for your application. The transmitting and receiving antennas do not have to be of the same type. For example, a helical antenna can be used on the transmitter and a whip on the receiver. For best performance, the whip antennas should be mounted on a ground plane having an area of 6.7 square inches or larger.

Weatherproof whip

The WA418 is a flexible, plastic covered weatherproof 1/4 wavelength antenna for 418 MHz. It is mounted by a brass 1/4-20 threaded stud and is supplied with a brass mounting nut. This antenna has an 8 inch long 50 ohm coaxial cable that may be cut to any desired length.

Helical loop

The HT418 is a 418 MHz helical antenna designed for through hole mounting on a PC board. It is 3/8 inch diameter and 1.5 inches long. This antenna is like a coiled up whip and is therefore less efficient than a whip but is useful in a compact device such as a handheld transmitter. One end connects to the transmitter or receiver antenna pin and the other end is open. It may be soldered to a floating PC board pad for mechanical strength.

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                    WA418    $7.00                           HT418   $1.00


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