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Click on the links below to download PDF files showing schematic diagrams, parts lists, and  theory of operation   

for some ancient circuits from 1994. New projects will be added as they become available.

If you don't have Acrobat Reader, download a free copy so you can view and print our PDF documents

All of these projects have been built. Some have been in operation for months or years.

Kits of parts are NOT available for most of these projects but some special parts can be ordered from Glolab.

Send questions or comments to W2FHB@glolab.com

wpe3.gif (1149 bytes)    Direction sensing motion detector -  Detects motion and indicates the direction that a human or animal is moving (left or right).   12 pages. This project is not available as a kit of parts.

wpe3.gif (1149 bytes)    Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor and Fresnel lens manual -  Design and build an infrared motion detector for your robot. Sensor specifications, drawings and an application schematic. 12 pages.

HTML    How Infrared motion detectors work -  Tells how Pyroelectric sensors and Fresnel lenses are used in motion detectors. (same as sensor manual above)

wpe3.gif (1149 bytes)    Infrared Motion Detector -  Pyroelectric infrared sensor and associated circuits detect infrared radiation from human or animal body. General purpose motion detector with normally open relay output. 16 pages.

wpe3.gif (1149 bytes)    Talking Phone Dial Monitor -   Speaks the numbers that you dial as you dial your telephone. 5 pages. Not available as a kit of parts.

wpe3.gif (1149 bytes)     Universal Telephone Hold -   Place any phone in your house on hold - even cordless phones. 7 pages. Not available as a kit of parts.

wpe3.gif (1149 bytes)    Video Switcher -   Automatically or manually switch the outputs from up to four cameras into one video monitor. 8 pages. Not available as a kit of parts.

wpe3.gif (1149 bytes)    Remote two wire positioner -  Send power to a remote stepper motor and also control its rotation and speed over only two wires.  Not available as a kit of parts.


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