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GCT1 Infrared Motion Detector Camera Trigger Module

For building Deer Trail cameras and Wireless Motion Detectors

GCT1 dimensions L = 2.0"    (50.8MM)  W = 2.0"   (50.8MM)  H = 0.7"   (17.78MM)  



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The GCT1 camera trigger module is designed to activate the flash and shutter of a modified film or digital camera when the GCT1 detects motion. Circuit components are mounted on one side of a PC board and a pyroelectric infrared sensor and two light emitting diodes are mounted on the other side.

The GCT1 can also be used together with a MT4  transmitter module and MR4A/B receiver module or a KTS418 transmitter kit and KRS418 receiver kit to build a wireless motion detector.




  • Shutter and flash (refresh) outputs to trigger camera


  • Switch selectable repeating flash to wake up sleeping camera

    •  100ms pulse every 2 min


  • Switch selectable walk test mode

    • Module mounted LED above and below sensor


  • Switch selectable delays between shutter triggering

    • 5 sec, 1 min, 10 min, 30 min


  • Switch selectable delay extend mode

    • Helps prevent repeat pictures of same animal


  • Ready output flashes LED on delay timeout

    • Indicates camera is ready to take a picture


  • Amplifier sensitivity control to adjust detection range


  • Temperature compensated sensitivity


  • Day / night input for photocell to prevent photos during daylight


  • PC module pads for connecting external controls

    • Sensitivity switch, delay switch, mode switch, ready LED


  • Only 35 microamperes standby current for long battery life



The GCT1 is designed to be used  with a FL65 Fresnel lens that has a narrow view angle and long detection range.



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