GLMDA Infrared Motion Detector Kit

General purpose motion detector kit with relay output

GLMDA dimensions L = 2.4"    (60.96mm)  W = 1.7"   (43.18mm)  H = 0.9"   (22.86mm)  




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KIT PRICE $43.95

The GLMDA motion detector kit includes an etched, screened and drilled printed circuit board and all components that mount on the board. You mount  the components on the PC board and solder them in place. This is a high density board with components close together that requires careful assembly and soldering.

Most components mount on the top side of the board and the sensor mounts on the bottom. This method of construction allows unobstructed mounting of a lens and easy access to circuit components and adjustments.





  • PC board with legends for easy parts placement

    •  High density, small 1.7" X 2.4" board size


  • All on-board components supplied with kit


  • PIR sensor mounts on back side of board

    • Components do not interfere with mounting of lens


  • Amplifier gain control

    • Adjusts detection range


  • Adjustable delay between sensed motion events

    • Can be re-triggered or non re-triggered


  • Adjustable time that load stays on

    • Can be re-triggered or non re-triggered


  • SPST normally open relay output

    • Relay contacts rated 3 amps at 120 VAC or 32 VDC


  • Powered by 6 to 14.5 VDC

    • Reverse polarity protected

    • Micropower circuits extend battery life




A Fresnel lens or other type of lens should be used with the GLMDA for long range detection.



Blank GLMDPCB printed circuit board.

This is the same PC board that is used in the GLMDA kit but is supplied without components.


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and view or print a complete manual for the GLMDA kit. Manual includes schematic diagram, board layout, parts list and description of how it works.

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